Travco Incorporated arranges financing, locates hard to find loans and procures SBA funded loans under federal assistance programs. Our company has been working with business owners and lenders to qualify and close financing and loan projects for more than a decade. Whether it is acquisition financing, mortgages, working capital lines of credit, inventory financing, consolidating debts, purchasing equipment and improvements or business expansion, our team’s experience in the mergers and acquisition arena, CPA profession and valuing businesses has given us the ability to identify and introduce appropriate debt financing for your business. Our firm will locate suitable financing for your business and act as an advisor and as liaison between you the business owner and the lender, to ultimately close the loan quickly and effectively. Whether your needs are acquisition financing, operational credit lines, an SBA 7a or other government loan or debt consolidation, Travco Incorporated has the connections to complete your financing.

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In today’s uncertain marketplace, it is crucial to have a qualified company to work with you to move you towards the financing goals required to remain competitive. Travco Incorporated works with numerous lending institutions, both traditional and non-traditional, to present business owners with the right type of financing for their business. Through our strong industry relationships, we connect you with lenders who will develop a customized loan program with competitive rates and an attractive deal structure. Our experienced team will lead you through the often complicated process of determining what financing is available for your business, selecting a lender, working through the SBA process and closing the loan with the most attractive rates. Our many years of working in the financial arena have afforded our firm the ability to arrange difficult financing, yet effective in obtaining the results you demand. Travco Incorporated is a New York based firm, serving the tri-state area and beyond.